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USA/India/China:Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars: The Next Ten Years

A radical change in attitude to electric vehicles has occurred in 2009, resulting in huge new financing from governments and tough new laws that will boost sales. Now all car makers must offer electric versions in their line up or face oblivion as governments finally get serious about global warming, oil running out and the domino effect of imminent collapse of their traditional car industries. Earlier forecasts of these markets therefore need revisiting and, in a timely response, IDTechEx has issued a totally new report “EV Cars – Hybrid and Pure Electric 2009-2019”. Entirely researched in 2009, this analyses the effects the new market drivers. They include the tens of billions of dollars that will now be invested in those developing, manufacturing and buying electric cars and their components, the surge of new models and the remarkable new technological breakthroughs.


The breakthroughs include safe lithium batteries that last ten years, ones that charge in minutes, albeit with special chargers, affordable and luxury pure EV cars with 250 miles range and a wide choice of plug in hybrids very soon. Many new battery chemistries look promising for the future. Some of the new electric cars generate at least some of their electric power from solar cells on the vehicle. In future they may generate electricity in part from shock absorbers, transparent solar cells over windows and – thermoelectrically – from the engine and exhaust in hybrids. All these possibilities are now the subject of research and development.  There are better supercapacitors coming along to overcome the shortcomings of batteries by being connected to them and even the painfully named supercabatteries may prove useful. They combine the virtues of both. These and other innovations provide a credible technological roadmap for electric cars particularly now the funding is available.


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