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UK: Plug points in street will boost battery car revolution

Charging points for electric cars are to be installed in thousands of car parks and on streets as part of a government plan to convert drivers from petrol and diesel to electricity.
Source: Times


2 comments to UK: Plug points in street will boost battery car revolution

  • nongasguzzler

    interesting !!!
    We already have them in Alberta.
    Mainly because during our cold weather, they are used by motorist to plug your vehicle’s block heater into.
    So by chance we are ahead of the pack.
    Now looking at a new plugin EV.
    Not sure about the Ford/G.M./Chrysler efforts, are they really available or only planned.

  • pluginme

    All makers are dragging their feet for years – selling
    ICE machines with expensive repairs. But the
    momentum have shifted due to global awareness
    of global warming and cost of gas. Next year you
    will find dealers going bankrupt as it will be
    the year of EV, from China, Japan and Aptera
    ( The big 3 are on the edge of bankruptcy, in part due to the economy and in
    part due to demand shifting to fuel efficient cars.
    Plug-in and EV will be the car of choice staring
    next year.

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