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Sustainable Transportation Could Save the World (and Save $100 Trillion)

As protesters gathered in New York City to demand action on climate change, a new report shows how smart transportation policy can play a major role in reducing carbon emissions. Photo: South Bend Voice/Flickr

Dramatically expanding tr More


Dr. Boaz Almog: Quantum Levitation



Secretive Robotaxi Startup Zoox Prepares for Real-World Testing – IEEE Spectrum

There was not much to see when I arrived at the entrance to the small business park in the sleepy Silicon Valley town of San Carlos. Signage for three of its units were blank but, upon closer inspection, I could just make out the word Zoox on a door. I had tracked the company to this location using visa and property records, and was hoping to get a glimpse of what it was up to.

The name Zoo More


Another Milestone For Renault: 100000th Leased Electric…

CleanTechnica “Renault has signed its 100,000th electric vehicle battery leasing contract via RCI Bank and Services, the financial services arm of Groupe Renault,” the company notes.… More


[autpilot] How The Solar Roof Fits Into Tesla’s Vision – Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha


In need of a new roof, I turn to Tesla as a trusted manufacturer to see if the solar roof is a good fit.

The solar roof is currently a niche market (like the Roadster was), but it will serve an integral place in the Tesla lineup and adds to the long-term vision of the company.

Tesla borrows some tips from Apple in how to solidify its brand as premier and everlasting.More


[teska] Tesla expands in the Bay Area ahead of Model 3 launch, new BART station opens to enable growth | Electrek

Tesla plans for the launch of the Model 3 to increase its overall production by a factor of 3 by the end of the year. The company has been betting on several expansions around its Fremont factory in order to prepare for the production ramp up.

In December, the city of Fremont approved important expansion plans submitted by Tesla , which the automaker refers to as ‘Tesla Master P More


Arizona students combine forces to gain speed on SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition | AZ Big Media

How can you get from Phoenix to San Diego in less than 45 minutes safely?

By jumping into a pod that levitates and travels through a tube at 750 miles per hour, of course.

It’s called a Hyperloop system, and more than 100 Arizona students have worked for months to bring the concept closer to reality.

SpaceX , the aerospace company led by Elon Musk, developed the high- More


Hyperloop One says it could replace all air freight among GCC countries | TechCrunch

Hyperloop One is putting a finer point on the business opportunity it believes it has in the Middle East, with a presentation made today during the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit in Abu Dhabi. The company thinks it can soak up around $12 billion of the total $35 billion annual cargo market in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, including all of the current $7 billion air freigh More


Global survey: 40% of drivers would consider an electric car : TreeHugger

I often play a little game as I am driving my kids to school in my used Nissan Leaf: How many plug-in vehicles can I spot on the road? This morning, I was a little taken aback. In the space of a 20 minute drive, I saw twelve Nissan Leafs, several Chevy Volts, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the faintest glimpse of a Tesla Model S on the highway.

That’s pretty impressive for North Caro More


Owner of Tesla supplier buys 21 Model S to be used as company cars



Construction On The First Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Begins In France

In Toulouse , France, construction has begun on the first, full scale passenger Hyperloop capsule. HyperloopTransportation Technologies (HTT) says it expects delivery of the capsule in 2018.
The Hyperloop capsule is a concept that was created in 2012 for a pod-like vehicle in a reduced-pressure tube moving at high velocity speeds. Three years ago, Elon Musk outlined More


Soon, ‘electric-car range will no longer be a factor,’ BMW chief says

Among German luxury brands, BMW was the first to show significant interest in electric cars.

It launched its “i” sub-brand in Europe in 2013, and its plans have evolved to include adding all-electric powertrains to models within the main BMW brand in future.

That is part o


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Honda researches high-power electric-car charging, at highway speeds

Even with recent efforts to expand it, electric-car charging infrastructure is nowhere near rivaling the ubiquity of gas stations.

But what if electric cars didn’t need to stop to charge?

That’s essentially what a new Honda research project aims to investigate.

DON’T MISS: Honda Clarity EV electric car to have only 80 miles of range: report
At t More


Analyst warns of Tesla’s Autopilot machine learning potentially rendering all other cars obsolete | Electrek

Before introducing the second generation Autopilot hardware, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that once the first truly self-driving car is available, all other vehicles without the technology will have a “negative value”.

Echoing the idea, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said this week that they started warning their clients that if Tesla is successful in enabling fully self-driving capabili More


Tesla wins backing from China’s Tencent as Musk races for cash

Tesla got a vote of confidence from Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings, whose purchase of a 5 percent stake boosts Elon Musk’s ambitions to get his mass-market Model 3 electric sedan to buyers this year.

Tencent paid about $1.8 billion for 8.17 million shares through Tesla’s recent stock offering and via open-market purchases, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday. Tesla raised More


European countries urged to accelerate electric vehicle infrastructure plans

The EU needs to accelerate its electro-mobility (e-mobility) revolution according to the organisations that will lead it in the coming decade.

The diverse group – including some of the most well known companies and non-governmental organisations in Europe – wants EU member states to show much more urgency in their plans to harness the diverse range of technologies needed to make cle More


Tesla, Nissan, and Siemens sound alarm over Europe’s EV infrastructure

A partnership of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, NGOs, and energy trade bodies have called on EU member states to rapidly accelerate the roll out of electric car and rail infrastructure in order to better support Europe’s low emission transport sectors.

The Platform on Electro-Mobility coalition, which includes leading EV manufacturers such as Tesla and Renault-Nissan and enginee More


2018 Nissan Leaf spotted for the first time | Autocar Auto…
Autocar Radical change is in store for the styling of Nissan’s EV, which gets a longer range and autonomous tech.… More


[model 3] Tesla Model 3 Ramp Up Aims to Crush BMW and Mercedes – Bloomberg

First, Musk said the company is placing orders with suppliers for “1,000 cars a week in July, 2,000 a week in August, and 4,000 a week in September.” 1 Tesla then plans to increase production to 5,000 cars a week by the end of the year, and 10,000 a week by the end of 2018. For context, the company is currently able to make about 2,000 Model S and Model X cars a week.
More More


Renault Zoe electric-car owners can double their range by upgrading leased batteries

When the updated 2017 Renault Zoe was unveiled last fall at the Paris auto show, it became one of the few electric cars whose range effectively doubled over its model life.

Launched in 2012 with a 22-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, the five-door subcompact hatchback had an effective range of 60 to 90 miles.

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Thailand approves investment pledges worth $4.7 bln, electric car plan | Reuters

Thailand approved four investment applications worth more than 161 billion baht ($4.65 billion) and a promotion scheme for electric cars, the state investment agency said on Friday.

Of the pledges, Thailand’s Gulf Group will invest in two electricity generating projects worth a combined 118 billion baht, the Board of Investment (BOI) said in a statement.

In addition, two units More


Faraday Future pulls plug on Vallejo electric car factory – SFGate

Troubled electric-car startup Faraday Future has ended talks with Vallejo about building an auto factory on the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, city officials reported Friday.
The company will instead focus on completing its first factory in North Las Vegas, officials said. Work on the $1 billion factory came to a halt in November amid reports that privately held Faraday was facin More


Tesla Honored As 2017’s ‘Battery Innovator Of The Year’ At The International Battery Seminar : TECH : Tech Times

senior director of Battery Technology with the “Battery Innovator of the Year” award, which he received on behalf of Tesla – See more at: More


[model 3] Tesla Model 3 control computers will reportedly be built by…

Electrek “The sources pointed out that Tesla used to manufacture its control computer in house and only procure motherboards from outside makers.… More


Hyperloop One revealed the future of transportation at…

Business Insider Shervin Pishevar sat down with senior editor Cadie Thompson at the 2016 IGNITION conference to discuss the future of Hyperloop One.… More


Faraday Future pulls plug on Vallejo electric car factory …

SFGate Troubled electric-car startup Faraday Future has ended talks with Vallejo about building an auto factory on the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, city officials reported Friday.… More


Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3 Could Be 10 times Safer Than Average Car: Analyst – Market Exclusive

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is expected to the highly-anticipated Model 3 sedan later this year. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes that the Model 3 could be significantly safer than the average car currently on the road, CNBC reported.

More More


The hyperloop race heats up as one startup begins building a full-size passenger pod | Fox News

here’s a new skirmish in the hyperloop race.

Elon Musk might be ahead of the game when it comes to developing the futuristic hyperloop transportation system, but his competition is gaining on him.

This week, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced that it’s starting construction on its passenger capsule at its research and development facility in Toulouse, F More


Apply for SDG&E’s Electric Vehicle Bill Credit

> Electric vehicles (EVs) help create cleaner air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now, the region’s 23,000 EV drivers can enjoy a credit each year on their SDG&E bill.
> Those who drive an all-electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid EV may enroll at to receive a credit of at least $50 on their SDG&E residential bi More


Baidu and Tencent Just Invested in this Electric Vehicle Maker — The Motley Fool

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU ) and Tencent (NASDAQOTH:TCEHY ) are generally considered fierce rivals in the Chinese internet market. Both companies are expanding their online-to-offline (O2O) ecosystems by bundling multiple services within their mobile apps, and both companies frequently invest in rival companies.
However, Baidu and Tencent recently came together to lead a 600 More


Tesla might have real competition soon—meet the Lucid Air | Ars Technica

It’s still surprising that Tesla has had the high-end electric car market to itself for all these years. The Model S has existed for nearly five years, and even today, potential rivals remain in the prototype stages. Porsche is going ahead with the Mission E . Faraday Future has the FF91 under development, and then there’s Lucid. Formerly known as Atieva, it&# More


New Nissan LEAF: Deliveries confirmed by end of 2017 | The Quebec Times

The second generation of the most sold electric model on the planet will be officially unveiled in September. The first deliveries of the new Nissan LEAF are expected at the end of the year. In the United States, the manufacturer has just announced financial aid to reward the loyalty of current customers who wish to buy a new LEAF.

Official Confirmations
It was expected at the Paris M More