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Sustainable Transportation Could Save the World (and Save $100 Trillion)

As protesters gathered in New York City to demand action on climate change, a new report shows how smart transportation policy can play a major role in reducing carbon emissions. Photo: South Bend Voice/Flickr

Dramatically expanding tr More


Dr. Boaz Almog: Quantum Levitation



– Europe’s Electric Car Sales Up 21 Percent This Year | ENS

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, August 24, 2016 (ENS) – A total of 91,300 electric vehicles were sold in Europe in the first six months of 2016 – a 21 percent year on year increase, according to new data released by EV, the electric vehicle world sales database.

This sales data includes both all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric passenger vehicles, as well as light commercial vehicles More


New study shows 1 in 6 new cars must be electric to meet emissions standards

If humanity wants to not be burned to death by the ravages of global warming, then countries need to ramp up electric car manufacturing significantly.
According to a new study from the World Energy Council, one in six new cars sold must be electric in 2020 to meet emissions targets.
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Feds OK $2.6 billion Tesla-SolarCity merger

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk talks about the Model 3 during its unveiling in April. (Credit: Tesla)
The Federal Trade Commission has given its approval for Tesla Motors’ acquisition of the SolarCity power panel company, saying that the combination would create no antitrust concerns.

The go-ahead removes another hurdle to the $2.6 billion all-stock deal, which was proposed in June. Bil More


Design News – Automotive News – 6 Automakers Will Lead the Way to EV Battery Growth

Six big automakers will carry the electric vehicle (EV) battery market to a five-fold sales increase by 2020, a new study says.

Tesla, General Motors (GM), Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW, and BYD will account for 90% of the electric car battery sales during those five years, mostly on the strength of bigger battery packs. “We’re seeing established OEMs making tangible commitments to EV More


Hyperloop Technology to Be Studied for Freight Transportation | Transport Topics Online | Trucking, Freight …

Transport Topics Online The transportation startup Hyperloop will study its electric propulsion tube system technology for moving freight at ports.… More


[government news] California climate change companion bill approved by Assembly

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, center, talks to reporters after the Assembly passed a measure to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40 percent, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016, in Sacramento, Calif. The bill, SB32, by Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills, now goes to the Senate. Rendon was accompanied by Democratic Assembly members, from left, Eduardo Garcia, of Coachella, who carried the bill, More


The falling costs of US solar power, in 7 charts

Vox That’s why the US Department of Energy has a program, the SunShot Initiative, devoted entirely to driving down the cost of electricity generated by solar panels – the target is solar power with $1 per watt installed costs by 2020, a 75 percent …… More


The future of residential solar power is bright, but a little bumpy

Curbed But speculation about the company’s recent $2.8 billion purchase of SolarCity, the green energy behemoth building a massive solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York, suggest that while Musk has compelling visions for the future, even he may not have a …… More


Dubai’s Interest in the Hyperloop Is Shockingly Sensible

CityLab The race continues to develop the Hyperloop, the science fiction-like system that would propel passengers or goods through low pressure tubes at speeds faster than some airplanes.… More


Volunteers Wanted For Hyperloop Project

CBS Local SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The competition to create the Hyperloop transportation system has been narrowed down to 25 teams of inventors, and one group working in the Bay Area is looking for volunteers.… More


Taiwan: Smart scooter manufacturer to install 100 charging stations – PetrolPlaza – News

Gogoro Inc, an electric scooter vendor, plans to install 100 charging stations at local stores in Taiwan by the end of the year to boost sales.

Source: Gogoro

After selling more than 10,000 electric scooters in Taiwan since its launch last summer, the company plans to increase sales by installing more charging stations across the region.



Plug In America AB 1064

Although September and National Drive Electric Week are right upon us, the California Legislature is still in full swing until August 31. As you may have seen in the news, it’s been a very busy month so far with debates centered around California’s landmark cap and trade program. Caught up in the mix of all the political discussions are zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and AB 1964. While More


Tesla Packs More Energy Into Its Electric Car Batteries

A Tesla Model S.
Bloomberg — Getty Images
The new version of the Model S can drive 315 miles on a single charge.

Tesla plans to sell Model S and Model X electric cars with a battery pack option that squeezes more energy into the vehicles, giving them a longer driving range than previously offered and helping the cars accelerate more quickly.

The electric car company ann More


National Drive Electric Week Event – Cupertino

attend this event and complete a short survey for a chance to win $100.
to help the organizers for this event.
the organizers for this event.

This year’s event is the 44th Annual Electric Car Rally and Show held in conjunction with National Drive Electric Week. Come out to De Anza College in Cupertino and experience:
Electric vehicles from Nissan, BMW and other loc More


Tesla begins testing Model S Autopilot on streets of South Korea

Tesla has begun testing a U.S. version of its latest Model S P90D sedan on the streets of Seoul, South Korea as the company gears up for entry into this new market. News of this follows our previous report indicating that Tesla had officially opened up its online reservation form to South Korean buyers of the Model S, Model X and Model 3.

Reservation holders will be given the opportunity to More


Chevrolet Bolt Deliveries Delayed By As Much As Three Months

According to reports, deliveries of the Chevrolet Bolt could be as much as three months behind schedule with dealerships yet to start accepting pre-orders.

A post from CleanTechnica asserts that Chevrolet was originally intending on opening up the order books for the all-electric Bolt in August. It is now reported that pre-orders won’t be accepted until November meaning the first deli More


The Tesla Model S P100D Is Here, Does 0-60 In 2.5 Seconds – The Drive

The rumors were true: Tesla has officially unveiled a new disturbingly-quick model called the Model S P100D. Not only is the P100D the electric automaker’s quickest car yet, but with its claimed zero to 60 time of 2.5 seconds, it’s even in the running for the title of fastest-accelerating production car in the world. This is a family sedan, for heaven’s sake.

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2017 Chevrolet Volt Laughs At 60kWh Nissan Leaf Battery – DailySun

In the plug-in electric market, the most unique vehicle is not the one with autonomous driving or really cool wing doors, but the one with the most impressive internal setup. The Chevrolet Volt simply laughs at other range-chasing EVs.

And it has a good chortle at the Nissan Leaf specifically. As Nissan continues to work for more and more range each year, its puritan stance on adopting a ga More


Apple’s Secret Plan to Take Over the Electric Car Market : Tech : Headlines & Global News

Apple is not a tech company that likes to be left behind by its peers and as the market for electric cars continues to grow, it has not been revealed that the company already has its secret project in place to roll out electric cars by 2021. It is called Project Titan.

According to a report in the website, Fool.Com “Apple has revealed nothing about the details of Project Titan, or ev More


CARnival celebrates solar-powered, electric vehicles | Local News – Home

Staff from the solar energy company Sun Common met with electric car drivers to educate families in Chittenden County about making their commute more Earth-friendly.

WATCH video story HERE.

“We’re a mission-driven solar company. We want to make solar really easy and affordable for all Vermonters,” Sun Common staff member Carly Franco More


Study says 1 in 6 cars sold in 2020 must be electric to meet fuel-economy rules –

Several nations have enacted strict fuel economy standards but, for the most part, they have not required automakers to sell electric cars.

In the U.S., only the state of California has a zero-emission vehicle mandate that puts such a requirement on carmakers.



Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Announces Plans To Release An All New Electric Vehicle Capable Of Hitting The 200 Mile Mark | Stocks Daily

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has announced plans to release an all new traditional named Electric Vehicle Model-E, which Ford states will be an affordable electric car that will be able to reach 200 miles per charge. The commercialization date for this vehicle is allegedly in Spring 2019.

This Model E vehicle will be an all-out hybrid vehicle capable as either a plug-in hybrid or an all-elec More


87% of Drivers Could Switch to Electric Car With Little Hassle | Newser Mobile

(NEWSER) – Drivers are generally leery of electric cars over the simple fear that the battery’s charge will run out and leave them stranded. But now researchers from MIT and the Santa Fe Institute report in Nature Energy that range anxiety is overblown in the vast majority of the US. They used the Nissan Leaf for the study—at $29,000, a relatively affordable alternative to pricey Teslas More


Apple Car May Feature Revolutionary Hollow Battery – Gas 2

Reports out of South Korea suggest that if there is an Apple car — which Elon Musk calls the “worst kept secret in the world” — it may feature a revolutionary new battery cell that is hollow in the middle. Because lithium ion batteries tend to heat up from the center outward, especially during times of high current draw, the hollow center would permit cooling air to access the hottest part More


Tesla Camper Mode: I Went Camping in the Trunk of a Model S

Elon Musk inadvertently spawned a subculture that’s hacking the Model S into a 21st century tent.

By Tom Randall | August 17, 2016

As the sun set beyond the long-needle pines and emerald waters of Lake Tahoe, I looked across the campfire and laughed out loud. I was about to go “camping” in the back of a $145,000 electric car because, well, it’s become a thing.



Electric Bus Company Gets On-Route EV Charging System Underway :: NGT News

New Flyer of America Inc., a subsidiary of New Flyer Industries Inc., the largest heavy-duty transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, says it is providing technical support toward the development of second-generation, on-route and depot charging systems for electric transit buses in North America.



Electric Nissan Sports Car Could Become A Reality In 2020

According to a story from Autocar, Nissan could launch an all-electric sports car by 2020.

While speaking at the launch of Nissan’s BladeGlider concept, director of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe, Gareth Dunsmore, revealed that the Japanese firm has the ability to produce an electric sports car now but demand for such a model is unlikely to warrant its creation before the turn of More


Renault Zoe Grows Lead In German Electric Car Market, BMW i3 #2, Audi A3 e-Tron #3 | CleanTechnica

Germany’s electric vehicle incentives are now in full effect. How has this affected sales of plug-in electric cars in the country? Apparently, not all that much, going by the July 2016 sales estimates for the German market that were just released by the EV Sales blog.

Electric car sales in July (as compared to July 2015) were actually somehow down by 11% — to just 1,807 units. Somehow, More


Electric Car Sales = 33% Of All Car Sales In Norway (First 7 Months Of 2016) | CleanTechnica

Estimates for electric vehicle sales in Norway during the month of July 2016 were recently released by our friend over at the EV Sales blog, Jose Pontes.

Overall, the new sales figure estimates show pretty good growth — with 2,998 electric vehicles sold in total, making for a ~17% year-on-year growth rate. “Electric vehicles” in this case refers to any plug-in cars — all-electric ca More


[government news] Columbus, Ohio Scores $140 Million In Electric Car-Related Investments

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) held a competition to help further the use of PHEVs and stimulate continued progress in future transportation.

In the end, the city of Columbus, Ohio beat out 78 others for the win.

Others in the top seven, were Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Portland, and San Francisco.

The DOT was very impressed with the submissions and p More